Hop on hop off bike (2015)

The EEBUZZ® is built of seaworthy aluminum formed by a self-supporting ladder frame, on which some 12 bicycle frames are placed, and on the back a closed high bench for three people, and in front a closed dashboard with the drivers position.

The bicycle is mechanically driven by the 12 bicycles, with an electric support, which is operated by the driver.


Options included €22.500,-

790 kg

Curb Weight

2400 kg

Maximum Trailer weight


Number of guests

1.50 meter

Overall width

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)

Main dimensions

  • Height 5.61 m
  • Overall width 1.50m
  • Track width 1.42 m
  • Roof height 1.48 m
  • Ground clearance 2.52 m
  • Number of guests: 16, of which 12 are cycling
  • Curb Weight 790 kg
  • Maximum weight loading (17 persons) 2065 kg
  • Maximum trailer weight 2400 kg
  • Drive independent, at each rear wheel
  • Hydraulic drum brakes on each wheel
  • Hand brake
  • Cable control on rear wheels
  • hydraulic steering cylinder on front wheels
  • Speed max. 12 km / h (best not to go faster then 2 times normal walking speed, which is 5 km / h)

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)

Electrical installation

The electrical system consists of two independent systems: the electric motors for the drive operate at 48 volts, through two dry lithium polymer cells. The battery capacity is twice 48V 100Ah. For lighting, radio and horn there is 12 volts available through a completely independent circuit, with its own 12V battery.

The entire electrical installation is located in the enclosure at the rear. Each battery has its own charger, which automatically operates when the plug is inserted into the socket. This charging power supply is located on the bank side out, on the right side and is protected by a cover. If the provided conversion connector is connected and there is power available, then a red light will appear on the plug.

The electrical system is protected by three earth leakage circuit breakers, which can be switched on and off with their own key. The two battery keys for the electric motors are located on the battery boxes at the rear; the battery key for the lighting is located on the front side, in the steering column.
The battery control panel in the dashboard is always turned on.

The bike has hydraulic brakes and steering, LED lighting with EU label, contour lighting, turn signals, brake lights and mirrors. The bike is built entirely of aluminum and therefore maintenance free.

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)


The frame is built in the Netherlands, according to conventional yacht building standards, of seaworthy aluminum 5083 H111 with a thickness of 5 mm for the plates; AW-6060 T66 for profiles and 5754 H114 for the chequered plate.

The chassis is constructed from four longitudinal profiles, which are connected by means of cross plates at a distance of 275mm from each other. The two central beams are tapered at the ends, where this was possible from strength consideration. During construction, the hin code is stamped on the chassis, at the left front of the main carrier.

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)


The front wheels are controlled by means of a hydraulic steering cylinder which is operated by a hand pump, directly on the steering wheel. The control rod is made of steel 42, and mounted by means of a simple fork construction on the front wheels. All fixing bolts are made of stainless steel.

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)


For auxiliary drive electric support is available in the form of two electric motors.

These electric motors each drive a rear wheel, but are switched in sync. The drive is controlled by the driver by means of a pedal operation. The electric motors operate completely independently of the bikes.

Second hand groupbike: Hop on hop off bike (2015)


Each cycle can independently contribute to the drive of the bicycle. The 6 bikes on the left drive the left rear wheel, the six bicycles on the right drive the right rear wheel. Each side consists of a central shaft, which transmits the force via a right-angled gear box at one of the rear wheels.


Options included € 22.500,-