The Beerbike has 12 people seated on the sides, and 3 on bench in the back, and there is space in central hall for 3 more persons. There is space for 18 customers+ 1 driver so in total 19 persons.

To move forward, you need a minimum of 1 person.


from €15.000,-



2.50 meter


5,70 meter


1.95 meter



Unique selling point

The main diference between our competence is the quality and the full homologation CE, the Beer bike is the only one around the world that is full homologaed CE wich means that it can circulate in public ways legaly without any special permises.
Other important question is that all our beer bike’s are always manufactured symmetric.We have a mold, to every piece and this allows to not to have a manufacturing mistakes. This reasons makes Beer Bike 3.0 the most cheap-profitable, secure and trustable beer bike in market.



The beerbike is in great shape are are ready to go!


Contact us for more information!

Additional features

Which can include?

2 Loud speakers 250w

Sound equipment (included in price)

Remote control

Includes 2 speakers 250W (included in price)

Clamping tube

Clamping tube on the edge of the bar 120 €.

Beer Bike Generation

Hole in the central walkway generator, barrels or tackle 250 €

Beer Bike White and Blue

Or side step spoiler 400 €

LED Lights in the Beer Bike

Laser party or installed LED strips with switch 150 €

Beer Bike Solar Panel

Solar panel Beer Bike

Beer Bike Solar Panel

solar panel with charge controller 350 €

Beer Bike Wood Color

Bar Bar Beer Bike

cupholders integrated into the bar (12 units) 135 €

Middle Barril

Extra Beer Bike / Bike Party (Included in the price)

front Square

Extra Beer Bike front square advertising (included in the price)

front Redondo

Extra Beer Bike / Bike Front Party Round (included in price)

Red Beer Bike

Advertising supports the sides of the cover 225 €

Electric motor 250w

Pedaling assistant electric motor (1200 €) + CE Approved

Electric motor 750w

Electric motor pedaling assistant (1200 €) – No CE Approved