Borisbus 1,50m


This custum built groupbike can accommodate 12 people on the sides (10 pedalling, 2 non-pedalling above the wheel), and 4 on the benches in the back and one person up front. The driver is one of the non-paddlers. To move forward, you need a minimum of 4 persons.

This borisbus has no walking space in the middle section.


Borisbus with motor assist €14.500,-

Blue Ral 5005

Chasis Color

2500 kg

Maximum Trailer weight


Number of guests

2.90 meter


Groupbike 1 Borisbus 1,50m (second hand)

Main dimensions

  • Height without superstructure 1.80 m
  • Height with superstructure 2.90 m
  • Ground Clearance 0.30 m
  • Number of guests: 16, of which cyclists: 10
  • Wheelbase 2.90 m
  • Curb weight 966 kg without umbrellas
  • Weight umbrellas including stand 11.3 kg
  • Maximum loaded weight (17 people á 80 kg pp) 2326 kg
  • Maximum trailer weight 2500 kg
  • Internal dimensions turning circle 11.64 m
  • Dimensions (LBH) incl. umbrella 550x158x2,90cm
  • Dimensions (LBH) ex. umbrella 550x158x1,80cm
  • Chasis Color Blue RAL 5005
  • Protective coating
  • Light with indicators

Groupbike 1 Borisbus 1,50m (second hand)

Beer system

  • Canopy roof (3x)
  • Welded steel frame, pinion steering wheel
  • Block bearings
  • 10 bicycle spaces with chain protection
  • Dual shaft drive system per drawing with used automotive rear end
  • Hydraulic turn signal arm assembly
  • Hydrolic foot brake system
  • 4 new 13 “tires
  • Left and right bar tops with hand rails, treated wood tops

Options on demand at extra cost per group bike and per model:

Pedal support

The system supports cycling with two wheel motors each 1 kW and is intended to make the bikes more pleasant for the participant. The advantage of the system is that you can start at other places. Use it as an assist! Participants still cycle on the group bike. The motors can be easily placed in a jiffy. The system consists of 1 Deep Cycle battery 48 volt-30 amp, 12 volt external charging port, 12 volt battery.

We recommend to use it only after a stop and at the start of the ride, rather than on flat roads, so participants can really test their cycling technique. Great to use on bridges with a 10% -15% climb if the participants cycle along. The life span is at normal loading conditions as described above 4/6 hours. Charging the battery takes approximately 4 hours and is made exchangeable.

Options on demand at extra cost per group bike and per model:

Roof structure

Demountable canopy

Made so that you can easily store the group bike in a small storage or receives less wind during transport by road. Without a roof on it, your participant will have more visibility during a tour. During transport of a group bike with a canopy roof it is recommended to take off all the loose parts that may get lost. The umbrellas are connected by means of zippers. Placing the roof takes 5 minutes and then you have a roof over your head.

Options on demand at extra cost per group bike and per model:


Adjustable saddles with springs that can take rough handling. These are integrally molded with a special wide seating surface which is good for the comfort.
You specify how many lower seats you want in the construction. Our advice is 4 adjustable saddles in length or height in the center of the group bike.

Options on demand at extra cost per group bike and per model:

Storage bag

For storing stuff, type of material Bisonyl and is made to fit perfectly on the bike.

Storage net: Storage net under the bar.
Seat Covers: An appropriate seat cover can reduce wear on the seat, also good to avoid wet saddles in a rainstorm.


Borisbus with motor assist € 14.500,-